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My Fun Dog Story

Some of you may know that I've been wanting a dog for over a year now. I do have a tendency to get excited about big life changes without really prepping for it advance or understanding all that the change is going to entail. Back in my 20s when I planned to live in Japan, I would have saved myself so many hassles if I would have studied the culture and language more.

As much as I have been wanting a dog though, I knew this wasn't something to rush into. It helps that my husband is really picky about what kind of dog we get. So, recently, when I put my request out to the universe, I feel like I actually surrendered this time. I let go of my attachments to the specifics and truly set my intention for the best outcome.

Just a week or two later I got to meet my friend's five month old Shepard mix Vera. It turns out my friend has been taking her to doggy daycare three days a week while she works and was thrilled when I said I'd be willing to try taking her once a week.

Today's my first day with her and though my cat Momo is still adjusting, overall, I'm so thankful that I get to have a dog in my life regularly without the full on commitment! It's just cool how the Universe heard my request and answered it in the best possible way for right now!


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