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The Gongs in this Sunday's Gratitude Gong Sound Journey Event!

Though I've loved gongs for ages, I actually have my friend, Wayne Marto of Beneficial Sound from Seattle to thank for sparking my passion for Planetary Gongs! I met him probably about five years ago at my dear Kundalini Yoga teacher, Sada Simran's amazing winter Solstice Sound Healing event. It was then that I had the vision to create a similar event up here in Bellingham. Though he first joined in one of our bigger Equinox events, we soon discovered we enjoyed collaborating on events with just the two of us as well. We've put on events like Gratitude Yin & Gongs and New Moon Restorative Gong Yoga Workshop. He is also one of my gong teachers and I am so excited to have him join me in co-creating our Gratitude Gong Sound Journey this Sunday, Nov. 19th.

The beauty of Planetary Gongs is that they are tuned to specific notes and frequencies that correlate to particular planetary bodies and resonate at certain chakras or energy centers. Below I'll give a little more detail about the 9 Planetary Gongs we'll be working with.

I'll be playing my Synodic Moon Gong. The term refers to the Lunar cycle or the Lunar month, measured by the time between one new moon and the next. It is tuned to the note of D, which works on the second chakra and helps us to tap into the deep, emotional healing power represented by the symbol of the moon. It helps to clear emotional blockages and can spiritually cleanse on many levels.

Mercury represents synthesis, communication, inventiveness and speech. It aids in communication, balances thyroid function, supports the throat chakra and the communicative-intellectual principle, and helps clear insecurity and weakness in expression.

Wayne recently purchased this most amazing 40" Sun Gong. It's tuned to the note B which resonates to the crown chakra, but with it's sheer size, it's probably very grounding as well.

The ruling energy of all life on planet earth. The Sun Gong promotes confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem. It can heal issues of pride and arrogance; promotes self-understanding, transcendental and self-realization.

Chiron is another of Wayne's newer gongs and actually was my favorite gong to play at my first gong training in 2020.

Chiron represents the wounded healer and provides a powerful resonating tone tuned to the musical note of G#. It opens the heart and throat centers, promoting compassion, creativity and truth.

Wayne says, "When I hear the sounds and vibrations it produces with friction mallets, I understand why Chiron is known for healing deep wounds and traumas."

Here's a summary of the the other five gongs that will be present at our event and the chakras they primarily focus on:

Pluto - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

Ohm Earth - 4th

Uranus - 6th

Zodiac Earth - 7th

Nibiru - 8th (electromagnetic field, aura)

I've included two videos below so you can get a feel for Wayne and his gongs.


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