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My First Pride Parade

It was so fun going to our local Pride Parade the Sunday before last with my family and close friends. I've definitely been to these sorts of events before, but I think this was my first actual Pride Parade. I usually miss most of the holiday parades because they're on Saturdays when I teach, but I made this one since it was on a Sunday.

We got our spots on the side of the street early and waited for awhile for it to start. The moment people started coming by and we could hear the speaker narrating and everyone clapping and cheering, my friends and I all got tears in our eyes and became overwhelmed with emotion. I was a little surprised at first, like why are we getting so emotional? Nothing fancy is going on.

But I think in this time of so much hate, divisiveness, and negativity, the love, acceptance, and might I even say oneness, was just so palpable. It was like we were feeling hope in that moment for a brighter and more loving future, and that is something I not only want to feel more often, but create more of, for myself and others.

That's what gave me the idea to create the 6 Day Meditate for Ourselves & the World Challenge which starts this Friday, July 29. You can read more about it and register for free here.


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