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New Website!

My husband Zeck and I have been in the process of changing to a new website via an all in one platform called Wix. Though I'm not quite ready to quit my current software system, Punchpass, it will allow me to make web updates a lot more easily and so I'm going to start the transition by booking my events through it. I'm still navigating what's going to work the best, so please bare with me😁.

At the moment, my events don't yet show up on the regular class schedule, so scroll down from the home page to see what in person events are happening.

It's funny how we resist change so much as humans. Back in 2015, Zeck had to bug me for 6 months until I finally moved from a paper system of keeping track of my students to a software system on my computer. I'm through most of my resistance now, though and am looking forward to the possibilities of this new website! Feel free to email me with any comments or suggestions!


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