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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a unique and dynamic practice open to all levels of students who wish to expand their minds and energy levels. Get a good workout while expanding your spiritual awareness at the same time! Each class includes breathing, movement, stretching, mantra, mudras, and meditation to move energy and to heal body, mind and soul. This is truly a class that will move you, and not in the way you'd expect!

Some other benefits that you can expect from Kundalini Yoga include weight control, relief from stress and insomnia, enhanced creativity, lymphatic cleansing, liver detoxification, balancing the heart and mind, developing will power, and a strengthening of the nervous system, glandular system, and the immune system. These results are achieved through specific yoga posture sequences called kriyas. Each class includes tuning in or centering with a couple of mantras, a warm up, a kriya, deep relaxation and meditation (sometimes the relaxation will be at the end).

At Kokoro Yoga, Kundalini yoga classes are primarily taught in the traditional style as taught by Yogi Bhajan (Ruby got certified in this style of yoga through the Kundalini Research Institute in New Mexico in 2011), but occasionally the warm ups will include hints of Ruby's own teaching style. Yogi Bhajan, through an interesting turn of events, brought this style of yoga to the West in 1969. All yoga seeks to raise your "kunalini energy" or your true creative potential. The difference in Kundalini yoga is that we achieve this goal in less time than other yogic paths. The effects of Kundalini yoga can have immediate benefits regardless of one's age or abilities. This class is for both men and women.

Your Instructor

Ruby Koa

Ruby Koa

Experience your divine feminine potential with Kundalini Yoga and meditation. This class is very similar to the Saturday Kundalini Yoga class in its format and overall positive effects on the mind, spirit, and major systems of the body, only that it is an exclusively women' class. This allows for a safe, healing atmosphere for all and the chance to explore the vast amount of teachings and techniques specifically for women that is available in the Kundalini Yoga teachings. It is also a bit less strenuous than the Saturday class, with more modifications offered.

This class offers women tools for developing physical strength and discipline, inner radiance, and grace to face the challenges of life. As much as this class is about a woman learning to take better care of her her health and wellness, it's also about her seeing that she lives and serves as a light to the world and that by developing the awareness of her inherent connection with all of life and with her own inner divinity she can better fulfill her own destiny. Another important part of this class is that between the warm ups and the yoga set of the day, each person is given an opportunity to just say their name, or to share their intention or what's on their heart that day. Cathy Herford who is a local Reiki Master Teacher, Medical and Energy Intuitive offers restorative (Reiki) energy to participants during the class share.

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