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Flow and Restore

In this class, you’ll experience a combination of vinyasa flow to connect your body and breath—and restorative yoga designed to help you find greater depth within your practice and provides the space for you to fill yourself back up. Each class is unique, but may include the many variations of Sun Salutations, standing poses, balancing poses, backbends, and poses to help you strengthen and open target areas, such as your hips or shoulders.

This practice strikes a balance between movement & stillness, strength & surrender, leaving you open, refreshed, and at peace.

Your Instructor

Liz Clift

Liz Clift

Liz Clift, 200-RYT, came to yoga to heal after five years of practicing combat martial arts. At the time, she needed someone to remind her to breathe. What she founded was a renewed sense of playful movement, reduced tension and stress, and a greater sense of curiosity and wonder. She encourages students to explore their own practice and reconnect to their breath and body, rather than try to “perfect” any pose. She poses a deep sense of whimsy and is dedicated to people-centered teaching. Liz is also an activist involved who centers racial justice and is a facilitator for the Embody Love Movement, which leads female-identified folks on a journey of radical self-love and encourages them to discover the things that break their heart—because these things are where they will have the most power to make a difference. She has completed a trauma-informed yoga training through Connection Coalition.

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